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Mathematics Activity for Early Learners

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Activity (Corneille, 1995)

Grade Level: first grade; level of difficulty can be adjusted!

Name of activity: two sided counters

Materials needed: 6 two sided counters (any amount you want)

Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to have children investigate different ways a number can be expressed as a sum.

Description of Activity:

1)      Hand out 6 counters and a cup to every child.

2)      Ask children to pick up their counters ,gently shake them in their cups and have them spill them onto the desk.

3)      Ask them to record the number of red and yellow counters for each toss. Continue tossing and recording outcomes for about 15 minuets.

4)      Encourage children to share their different combinations they got and their methods of counting. Record combinations on the chalk board.

5)      After a substantial list has been made ask “ what can we say about the different combinations?” Some children might find that 6 red and 4 yellow are the same as 4 red and 6 yellow. That is that the numbers are the same but the colors are different. Have the children look for other pairs. Some children will find the doubles 5 + 5

6)      Have the class create an organized list to see which if any combinations are missing.

7)      You can keep this activity going throughout the year. You can add counters as you go along.

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