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Samples of writing were taken from four children (Primary, Grade 2, Grade 4, and Grade 6).  They were asked to write about their favourite part of King's Pier or Zone 56, the children's programs at the local church that they attend. From these samples, it was noted that:
1. As age increased, it generally took the children a shorter time to finish.
2. Finishing time: Grade 4, Grade 6, Grade 2, Primary.
3. The only child prompted was the one in Primary.
4. As age increased, concentration also increased (the older the child was, the less he or she talked).
5. It is also clear that as age increased, the stage of writing development the children were in became more complex.
(Morgan Barnhill, November 26, 2006)
Grade 2
(Morgan Barnhill, November 26, 2006)
Grade 4
(Morgan Barnhill, November 26, 2006)
Grade 6
(Morgan Barnhill, November 26, 2006)

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